Wedding Dresses

Say Yes to Selling your Dress!

…and other alternatives to keeping your gown.

The wedding dress is considered the most important piece of clothing a woman can wear in her lifetime. The journey of finding that one perfect dress can be stressful and joyous all at the same time. Regardless of splurging or staying within budget on a wedding gown, the ultimate post-wedding day question is what to do with the dress.

On the traditional, sentimental side, the wedding dress is cleaned, preserved and stored for a decade or two when it is perhaps taken out for a young daughter or niece to swoon over. The emotional bride envisions passing her dress down to her daughter or just simply can’t bear the thought of parting with a piece of clothing that holds so many memories. Our mothers and grandmothers most likely have their wedding dress sealed up in a box where it has slowly lost it’s luster and yellowed over time. (Although my mother didn’t sell her dress, she had no qualms with lending it to a strapped-for-cash friend for her wedding day). In my opinion its not that every single woman in the past had emotional attachments to her wedding dress, she was perhaps not aware of any alternatives to the inevitable preservation box.

Nowadays, ideas of eco-friendliness and upcycling are rampant as is the sophisticated, independent, budget-savvy young woman. This isn’t to say that the traditional and sentimental woman no longer exist, but I believe that more and more women are thinking realistically when making the decision of what to do with their dress after the big day. There are so many options for wedding dresses post-wedding day that it almost seems ridiculous to keep it boxed up and stored in a closet. Even women who find themselves emotionally attached to their dress can find ways to hold on to the sentimental value and not have a large box taking up precious space in the closet. One idea is to have it redesigned into a re-wearable evening dress. Let’s visit some options for new brides and their wedding dresses and what the benefits of some of these alternatives are.

1.)  Sell it on consignment!

Consign your dress and let them do all the work. The top reason to sell your wedding dress – recoup the cost and make back some money! Most bridal consignment stores have conditions and criteria for consigning a wedding dress, but this allows you to sit back and let them market and house your dress for you. Click here for more information on consigning your dress with us at Revival Bridal Boutique.

2.)  Re-design it into a new dress!

Don’t want to let go of your wedding dress but can’t stand wasting precious closet space? Why not have your wedding gown made into a new evening dress? You get to hold onto the sentimental value of your wedding gown while getting a whole new dress at the same time. Dye it, shorten it, add or remove sleeves; the options are endless.

3.)  Upcycle the material into a new item!

Create pillows for you and your husbands bed, use the material for your baby’s Christening outfit or use it to create a custom wedding photo album. You won’t have your wedding dress anymore but creating something new and useful out of it will preserve the sentimental value.

4.)  Donate it to charity!

Share your wedding gown with someone else and give her the gift of looking just as beautiful as you on her wedding day. You will feel warm and fuzzy inside knowing that you paid it forward and donated to a good cause. The Brides’ Project accepts donated gowns and sells them at half of the original retail price with all proceeds going to cancer charities. Visit for information on how to donate your wedding dress.

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